Membership Info

How to join

There are three ways to become a member of the FLCC

  • Full Membership - open to owners of Registered Finnish Lapphunds who are residents of Canada. Full members have voting privileges. A Full Family membership offers voting privileges for two adults at the same address.
  • Supporting Member - open to non-Canadian Lapphund owners or to any person who wishes to learn more about the Finnish Lapphund and/or wishes to support the breed
  • Junior Member - open to children, aged 10 to 18, who are interested in the Breed.

Membership application

To become a member of the FLCC

  1. download and print out a hard copy of the corresponding membership form and mail it with the membership fee

    • Full/Support/Junior Member (Adobe pdf)

  2. contact the acting FLCC Membership Chair:

Jennelle Pattern

Member benefits

As a club member you can benefit from a range of services and programs designed to keep you informed, make new friends, have fun with your lapphund and help benefit the breed we love so much!

Canadian Lappy Tales - the Official Newsletter of the Finnish Lapphund Club of Canada

  • this publication will keep you up-to-date with all the club events and current issues.
  • each issue includes feature articles on performance, training, breeding and health, and showcases members and their dogs.

Member events

Fun and informative events are run throughout the year including:

  • performance clinics on obedience, herding and agility;
  • seminars on health, grooming, handling, breeding;
  • National Specialty Show.